Dream Big!

Because one day it just might happen.

by Sara Geisinger

Me and Josie
From the moment I could speak, it’s always been horses.

Although I have yet to determine where my horse bug came from, I apparently had it since I was born. From the moment I could speak, I have been told, “horse” was one word I used often. No one in my family had any involvement with horses. My grandmother’s dream for me was to become a ballet dancer. Let’s just say that once I realized how painful it was to stand on your toes on top of a wooden block, that was no longer a part of my future.

Work hard and dream BIG.

We all know that horses are expensive. Like, really expensive. I am here to tell you, if want it bad enough, you will make it happen. I hope that in telling my story, I will give that little girl with a dream of owning a horse of her own the assurance that it is possible. If you are willing to work hard, believe in your dream, and keep going when nothing seems to be possible, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Join me!

Join me while I share many of my life’s struggles, how I managed to survive it all through my love of horses, and my newest journey of training my lovely dream dressage horse, Josie Sandra TF. I hope that in reading my story, you will find inspiration, strength, and courage to fight for your own dream. I also hope that you will enjoy following Josie and I as we move up through the levels and I share my passion for the art of classical dressage.

My only request is that in joining me, you show kindness if you comment, share my blog, or mention it to friends. Life is hard. Be kind to those in your path as you have no idea of the weight they may be carrying.

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