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This week I found myself clicking through Dressage Today OnDemand’s large video library trying to find a video that interested me. What did I want to watch? I clicked on a Steffen Peters video and knew that wasn’t it. Then I went to a Shannon Dueck biomechanics video, as I received an email from Dressage Today showcasing this collection. Neither one sparked my interest at that given moment. And that is ok! These videos might be super for another rider, but the horse & rider pairs didn’t speak to me at that moment. They might even be helpful later down the road, but for now, I continued my mission.

I decided to use the filters and search by trainers. I have discovered that I prefer to watch a series of videos or one long video of a clinic on a certain topic. Unlike today’s society, a quick video isn’t going to capture my interest. By using the filter by trainer option, I can see videos labeled into groups.

I selected Allison Brock as she is someone JJ Tate speaks highly of, and I enjoy auditing JJ. Winner, winner! I’ve never seen Allison teach, so I decided to check out the video selection. The Swing series appealed to me as I am currently working on building Josie’s trot.

Allison Brock – Swing, Part 1 – Trot

I watched Allison work with a horse that had a forward and tense trot with a goal of slowing her steps and carrying more weight behind. As you can see, there was progress!

The mare started off quick and tense in the trot.
By the end, she was sitting more and slowing down.

Allison had the rider tap the mare on the croup with the whip in rhythm with the trot that they were trying to create. The rider slowed her posting, sitting longer and waiting in the up beat of her post, while encouraging rhythm with the whip.

The mare quickly began changing to match the rhythm the rider was creating. It was really interesting to watch! However, as most horses do, she began trying to evade by stepping her outside hind further towards the rail. Allison had the rider correct this by thinking of riding a slight haunches in.

Allison was encouraging of the rider to praise her horse often when she offered the correct answer and then to allow her to slowly come out to a more normal trot as her reward.

Allison Brock – Swing, Part 2 – Riding Through Resistance

The second video was very interesting as the mare started to become hotter and was trying to bully her rider out of putting her leg on. Allison emphasized the importance of not allowing the horse to get away from the outside rein and to keep the leg on during her tantrums. Once she accepted the aid, they removed the pressure and allowed her to go straight.

The rider did a great job at staying soft and consistent with her aids, even when the mare started threatening to do naughty things. Allison challenged her to put her leg on and ride the slight haunches in feel when things were going well too. The horse has to accept being touched even when she is hot. She should focus on a haunches in feel in trot and canter to test her ability to straighten the outside hind leg without a negative reaction.

Allison Brock – Swing, Part 3 – Canter

I’m now rooting for this pair to work through their issues and I’m really into Allison’s teaching style!

In the 3rd video, they worked on the canter. In the trot, Allison wanted the rider to slow the horse’s tempo and carry more weight behind. In the canter, she needed to get the mare more forward as her tendency was to get behind the rider. When she started to get upset, Allison spoke of sitting on the horse and not allowing them to get the rider off the current subject.

Allison Brock – Swing, Part 4 – Final Trot Work

In the last video, they revisit the trot. What an improvement! The mare was more relaxed and had a more cadenced trot. Allison discussed that with emotional horses, she always leaves “one door open” with her aids so the horses don’t feel trapped. By riding the bend, you prevent the horse from stiffening the neck and losing control.

What a great session to watch! I’m excited to watch more of Allison’s videos. If you would like to watch any of these videos, click the links below. If you are not a Dressage Today Subscriber, remember there is a free 10 day trial! Use my code SARAG15 to receive a discount if you choose to sign up!

Allison Brock – Swing, Part 1 – Trot

Allison Brock – Swing, Part 2 – Riding Through Resistance

Allison Brock – Swing, Part 3 – Canter

Allison Brock – Swing, Part 4 – Final Trot Work

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